Who We Are Today

Our mission is entirely focused on security culture and transformation – specifically on issues of policy, awareness, training, and communications within organizations trying to enhance their protective postures by promoting the people-oriented processes and practices that are so critically essential within the domain of cybersecurity.  

Where We’re Coming From

Since 2012, SecureITExperts has been adapting its Information Risk Management and Cybersecurity Consulting services to meet the unique business and security needs of our select clientele. 

We draw from a broad range of best-practice approaches to governance, risk, compliance, security, and privacy to build a comprehensive cybersecurity framework that is contextually relevant, culturally aligned, and governance-oriented.  We then incorporate key principles from the schools of organizational psychology, functional behaviorism, and motivational science to translate this strategic vision into results-driven outcomes – a process that promotes engaged information stewardship at all levels of the organization. 

We can do this from start to finish, or we can focus our services to deliver on specific, isolated aspects of security program planning and implementation such as:

  • Security strategy
  • Compliance initiatives
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Pre-audit readiness evaluations
  • Policy and process development
  • Security awareness and training activities
  • Comprehensive vulnerability management
  • Incident response planning, training, and testing
  • Technical writing and documentation reviews
  • Development of key metrics and measures
  • Formalized technical requirements
  • Project and program management
  • General advisory work
  • Virtual CISO services

Our compliance expertise includes PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, FedRAMP, FAR/DFARS, GDPR, CCPA, other State privacy and breach-notification laws, etc.

Our Origin Story

SecureITExperts began as the brainchild of Brad Bemis.  In June of 2012, Brad launched the company in response to his growing insight into the root cause of most security challenges.  Working with large Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, Brad began to notice that the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again within almost every organization.

Contextual relevance, control simplicity, and active engagement are just a few of the things that are absolutely essential for shifting into a more sustainable security posture.  SecureITExperts was chartered to explore these things from a broader ‘think tank’ perspective that emphasizes organizational culture, assessments and strategies, policies and processes, training and awareness, workflow management, metrics and measures, and more.

SecureITExperts focuses on helping organizations of all sizes look deeply into what they are really trying to accomplish from the perspective of Information Risk Management and Cybersecurity; stripping away the confusion and the multitude of distractions to get at the heart of what’s needed for an organization to properly protect its sensitive information assets.

Note: SecureITExperts was originally founded in Seattle WA, moved to Orlando FL in 2015, and is currently structured to engage remotely or on-site anywhere in the United States.