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Information Risk Management and Cyber Security Consulting

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Governance: Have you mapped your strategy to a higher-level governance model and built an appropriately scoped governance framework?

Risk Management: How do you define, measure, and manage information risks within your own unique organizational context?

Compliance: Have you identified and fully incorporated all applicable internal and external compliance requirements as elements of your strategy?

Culture: Do you have a security culture that truly fosters informed, risk-based decision making; enabling rather than hindering your work-force?

Assessments: Do you conduct regular assessments of information risks, IT project needs, new technology implementations, and ongoing compliance requirements?

Strategies: Do you have a sound strategy and roadmap to follow; one that is in alignment with the business, technology, and security needs of the organization?

Policies: What kind of security policies and processes do you currently have in place; are they simple, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to follow?

Training: What kind of security awareness and training mechanisms do you use in order to actively engage your work-force in the process of information protection?

Writing: What kind of supporting documentation and materials do you have on hand to facilitate the the implementation, maintenance, and growth of your security program?

vCISO: Are you in need of a low-cost, highly skilled, professional and reliable external resource to help you navigate your security needs on a regular, on-going basis?

Other: Is there something else relating to information security that you are looking for but can’t find or don’t understand?