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SecureITExperts is the brainchild of Brad Bemis, CISSP, CISA.  In June of 2012 Brad launched the company in response to his growing insight into the root cause of most security challenges.  Working with large Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, Brad began to notice that the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again within almost every organization.

“Most of what we’re seeing is about confused priorities and misguided efforts.  Everyone is so busy reacting that our work has become an endless attempt to control the chaos, not to reign it back in again.  No one has the time to do the work needed to address resource constraints or improve productivity – and so we just keep falling further and further behind.  It’s a vicious cycle that requires a complete 180 in terms of how we view information security today.” 

Contextual relevance, control simplicity, and active engagement are just a few of the things that are absolutely essential for shifting into a more sustainable security posture.  SecureITExperts was chartered to explore these things from a broader ‘think tank’ perspective that emphasizes organizational culture, assessments and strategies, policies and processes, training and awareness, workflow management, metrics and measures, and more.

“So far the predominant answer to security challenges has been to throw more and newer technology at the problem of infosec.  This has led to an even more complex and unsustainable technology-centric approach that actually adds to the problem instead of helping us resolve it.  Add a compliance-heavy orientation with minimum bars barely being met, and a lack of education among the work-force, and you have a recipe for disaster that we keep seeing come to fruition.”

Today SecureITExperts focuses on helping organizations of all sizes look deeply into what they are really trying to accomplish from the perspective of Information Risk Management and Cyber Security; stripping away the confusion and the multitude of distractions to get at the heart of what’s needed for an organization to properly protect its sensitive information assets.

The company is headquartered near Seattle WA (Shoreline), includes a satellite office near Orlando FL (Melbourne), and is structured to engage remotely or on-site anywhere in the United States.